Friday, November 10, 2006

So long sweet 148.

It's a sad sad sad sad melancholy day.  I closed the door to apartment 148 at 5151 Richmond for the last time this morning, and I have to admit that a (very masculine J) drip or two fell upon the threshold.

I know that it might seem a bit fruity for a dude to be so sentimental over something so inane as an apartment, but that superb apartment represents one of the best periods of my life. So much has happened during the past four years: the best jobs of my life, the beginning of my favorite hobby: dancing; which led to many things like rekindling my relationship with our Lord, and, most notably, I met some extraordinary people.

One in particular was very special and letting the memories of her slip into oblivion isn't something I want to do.  Leaving a place allows you an opportunity to, for a fleeting moment, relive those memories in extraordinary detail, but once you are out of the vicinity of the reminders, the memories fade away.  And it's sad.  You lose a part of yourself.

But such is life.  One must move on.  New chapters must be written.  New scenes played out.  New experiences lived.  New friends made. New goals accomplished. I will do my best to hold onto the memories made during these last four years, but I must also welcome the opportunities for new memories, so it's time to make room.  I only pray that the memories made during these next years will be as fantastic as the memories made during the last.


Praise God for everything He has done and continues to do for me and the people that I love.  I don't deserve His blessings.  I'm so happy that He continues to smile in my direction.

I Love You God.  Thank you soo much. MWHA

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