Sunday, January 25, 2009

Song of Solomon conference is returning to Houston!!!

I was fortunate enough to have been invited to a Song of Solomon conference several years ago. That one was by Tommy Nelson himself, and he was absolutely amazing. I don't think the conference has returned to Houston since then so we are very lucky that the conference will be coming soon. Although Tommy is not going to be the speaker, I am sure that it will still be fully entertaining and truly enlightening to anyone who wants to know the Biblical stance on romance, dating, sex, and marriage.

Whether you are single, dating, married, or even if you are young and not ready for a serious relationship, you should not miss this opportunity to learn what the Bible says on romance.

Put it on your calendar. January 30 and 31 at the First Baptist Church on I-10. 3 hours on Friday Night and Saturday morning. The conference costs $35 for us average folk. Less for students and military. Believe me, it is well worth it. It will change your whole perspective on romance.

To get a taste of what is in store for us, listen to the free podcast by Tommy Nelson.

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