Saturday, May 9, 2009

Movie Review: Monsters vs Aliens

Yet another unhealthy kid's movie.

I should have known that this movie would suck when the woman who never had a right thumb in her life try to use that thumb to open a door. I'm too optimistic.

Susan, a woman set to marry a weatherman, who is just about to make anchorman, becomes a giant. Her fiance rejects her because of her size. Rather than do what it takes to become normal sized so she can try to stay with her beloved she responds with the typical new age independent female mantra "I don't need him anyway."

Let me get this straight Hollywood. She's been dating and falling in love with this man for years. He rejects her when she should be marrying him, and she is able turn off her emotions in 3 seconds flat, then turn away from the life she's been dreaming about for years. Yeah, right!

Later on in the movie she shrinks. Does she even for one second realize that she can return to her fiance? NO! She doesn't miss him, EVER! She doesn't pine for her lost love ONCE! WHAT KIND OF A MOVIE IS THIS WITHOUT LOVE?????

Of course then at the end of the movie the guy returns and tells her that he forgives her! Riiiight. In which universe would THAT happen? A man telling a woman that ANYTHING was her fault??? But in this movie he does. Yet another MAN turning into a jerk when he realizes that his woman doesn't need him. WHAT THE CRAP!?! What happened to unity, to cooperation, to solidarity? To couples being, uh, couples! He was a perfect gentleman at the beginning of the movie then he instantly turns into a selfish jerk??? Only in the new age movie world would this happen. Don't let this crap happen in the real world too people. Stay away from this and all movies like it.

What are they trying to teach us today? They could have had the guy show support, as Susan thought he would do at the beginning. But the writers didn't do that! Why not??? What purpose was served by making her fiance a jerk??? NONE!!! All it did was pander to the idea that women don't need men, and that men are all jerks. This is the big problem I have with the movie world today. There are far too few Meet the Robinson's that teach good healthy family values and cooperative emotional and physical support. Instead, Hollywood teaches independence, that we can only count on ourselves. It's no wonder people are so selfish today and they don't want to help their fellow man. Hollywood taught us to be that way!!!

Stop supporting these evil movies people! They are just going to take the world down a black hole to destruction.

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