Thursday, September 10, 2009

King of the Hill gets one right.

I still stand by what I said about King of the Hill being a completely evil show, but they did do one thing right. For several seasons one of the main characters' wife (Nancy) was having an affair. They made it a big joke because Dale is the type of person who suspects everyone of everything, yet he is clueless of the obvious hints that his wife is cheating on him. Cute. Shoot! His child is clearly the son of a Native American and he still never puts two and two together! I hated this part of the show but finally they did the right thing. Nancy fell back in love with her husband and ended her affair. And the show in which it all comes out is handled very poignently.

I think this might be the only thing the writers of this show have ever done right.


marria said...

King of the Hill TV Show is one of the best TV shows for all time. I downloaded all episodes and whenever I am getting bored I starting to watch this show.

Alex said...

But it is evil.