Monday, September 6, 2010

Closed mindedness is the fear of truth.

Open mindedness isn't just about listening to the other side. It's considering the idea that they might be right and you might be wrong.

It isn't just about expanding your worldview. It's also a willingness to let your worldview contract. It isn't just about additive: I now believe that Noah was a real person and the remnants of his Ark are somewhere in the mountains of Ararat. It's also reductive: I used to believe in aliens but now I don't.

If you are a witch or you practice other unGodly activities, receiving salvation can deeply contract your worldview. If Satan has deceived you with twisted logic and your understanding of scripture is flawed, it can be especially difficult to have an open mind, especially when you believe you are being a good Christian and change will contract your worldview.

It is always good to have an open mind because the only thing that can conquer truth is closed mindedness. Truth will always conquer deceit if the mind is open but deception will not conquer truth if the mind is open. Having a closed mind is evidence that something isn't quite right with your belief because deceit fears truth and its only defense is blindness and pride. Truth does not fear deception so it doesn't mind hearing other points of view.

Open your hearts and your minds to God's truth. Allow His wisdom to enter. When a believer challenges your faith, do not react with fear, pride, or a closed mind. They might be right. They might have received a revelation from God to instruct you. You don't want to be closed off from God's wisdom do you? Open your mind to allow God's truth in.

Of course the other person might be wrong and you might be right. When that happens, if your heart with God is good, you will know who speaks the truth. Hopefully the other person has an open mind too and is willing to allow God's truth into their heart as well.

But if they are right, then you need to have an open mind to allow God's truth inside. Determining what is truth can be difficult, but we have a power that Satan does not: The Holy Spirit. God will protect you. If what the other person says is false, God will let you know. Trust God. But examine yourself in the process. When you disagree with what they are saying, is it the Holy Spirit guarding you, or do you disagree because of closed mindedness? Be honest with yourself. Accept change if God wills it. It can be difficult and quite often receiving truth can take time. Always be aware of the little seeds God is planting in your heart. Nurture them. Water them. Feed them. Harvest them when they ripen.

Always question your doubt. Is it closed-mindedness or is it really the Holy Spirit?

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