Friday, October 17, 2008


Did you ever feel like you are witnessing life rather than living it? Like you are on the outside looking in, just watching and not participating?

Boy how I wish my brain was wired differently. It seems that the people who are most successful, most happy are those who are naturally outgoing and talkative.

Lord, why must I clam up when I am with talkative people? I can contribute too doggonit. I know things. I have opinions. I'm pretty smart. I'm a philosopher by nature. Why must my thoughts and opinions disappear from my mind while I watch others have a conversation? Can't I participate too?

Do all philosophers suffer so? No. I doubt that. Many like to talk. I like to be heard. But I don't like being pushy. I hate it when I am interrupted, so I don't interrupt others myself. The result is that when I am with boisterous and talkative people who walk all over each another, I clam up. Maybe that's why I have this blog. I can write whatever I can't say. But is anyone listening?

I don't want to sound so arrogant. I clearly don't have all the answers, but what good is it to know anything at all if you can't share your wisdom?

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